What is a Secure Signature?
A secure signature indicates the authenticity of the document, whether it has been corrupted, and the authenticity of the signer's identity from a secure organization. In other words, it is to guarantee the immutability of the document in order to protect sensitive data. It is very secure with many encryption methods such as secure signature, secure certificate providers (CA), TÜBİTAK timestamp.
What is Mespact?
Mespact is a platform that enables your documents to be signed digitally. With the slogan of “Winning Signature”; It prevents time loss and speeds up your paperwork. Saves storage space for storing signed documents. It facilitates the accessibility of your documents and most importantly, it protects our environment by reducing paper waste.



By having your documents signed digitally, save time and solve your business in a faster and more practical way.


Save storage space by eliminating the risk of loss while archiving your documents.


Let your budget you spend on paper works be up to you, and your pocket will win with Mespact.


Reduce your carbon footprint by reducing paper usage, and let our nature win with you.

Where Can I Use Digital Signature?

  • Confidentiality Agreements
  • Real Estate Lease/Sales Contracts
  • School Enrollment Agreements
  • Housing and Car Rental Agreements

Start Earning By Signing Your Documents With Mespact!

in the system.
Upload your existing
document or design
a new document.
Send the document
to the person or persons
who will sign it.
Easily access
your signed documents
at any time.

Winning Signature Subscription Packages

Choose the most suitable credit count for you, start signing your documents digitally.


Kredi Paket (Adet) Paket Fiyat 2024 (₺)
100 3.750,00
250 8.500,00
500 15.500,00
1.000 26.500,00
2.000 46.500,00
5.000 100.000,00
10.000 179.500,00
15.000 234.000,00
25.000 273.000,00
50.000 312.000,00
100.000 546.000,00
250.000 975.000,00
Fiyatlara KDV Dahil Değildir

Most Asked Questions

You can find answers to your questions below. Click here for more.

Yes, you can easily integrate our digital signature implementation with our advanced API package and documentation.

No, all signed documents are time-stamped and cannot be modified.

No, you do not need to be a member to sign a contract in the system. You can sign documents very easily with the link sent to your mobile phone and e-mail address. If you want to become a member later, you can also access the agreements you signed before becoming a member from the system.

When a change is made to a signed document, the relationship between the timestamp and the document is broken and it can be easily detected that the document has been changed.

Yes, with our E-signature module, you can sign the document with E-Signature. Note: A document cannot contain both a digital signature and an e-signature at the same time. Signers can use either e-signature or mobile signature in documents sent to more than one person for signature.

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