Is Digital Signature Legal?
Digital Signature Is Absolutely Legal!
It is actively used
all over the world.

It is obligatory to verify the Name, Surname, Year of Birth and Identity Number for all persons who will sign the document. This verification is done through the Population and Citizenship Affairs services.

SMS Verification

SMS verification is required for each document to be signed in the system. At the same time, after the document is signed and approved, the necessary informative SMS is sent to all stakeholders.
In the Republic of Turkey, SMS is legal evidence. An example of a decision taken on this subject is as follows.
"As regulated in Article 6/1 of the European Convention on Human Rights, Article 36 of the Constitution and Article 26/2 of the TCK, exercising the right is a reason for compliance with the law. The right to claim and defense is also It is a right that should be evaluated within the framework of the reason for compliance with the law. In this respect, when the evidence of the message is accepted as lawful and evaluated with other evidence, it is concluded that the crime has come to an end as in the decision. According to the judge's discretion, it has been understood that there is no violation of procedure and law in the admission that the alleged crime was committed by the accused.

Voice Verification

If you wish, you can get a voice confirmation from your signatory that the transaction belongs to her/him.

Audit Trail File

Details such as the unique pre-signature summary of the file sent for signature after the document is signed, the unique post-signature summary, the signer's ip address and the date of signing are shared with all stakeholders.


All signed documents are sealed with Tübitak Time Stamp in accordance with 5071 law. At the same time, the audit trail file, where all the transaction details are stored, is also time stamped. Thus, the change of the version after the document is signed or the rejection of the signed version is eliminated.