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Yes, you can easily integrate our digital signature implementation with our advanced API package and documentation.

No, all signed documents are time-stamped and cannot be modified.

No, you do not need to be a member to sign a contract in the system. You can sign documents very easily with the link sent to your mobile phone and e-mail address. If you want to become a member later, you can also access the agreements you signed before becoming a member from the system.

When a change is made to a signed document, the relationship between the timestamp and the document is broken and it can be easily detected that the document has been changed.

Yes, with our E-signature module, you can sign the document with E-Signature. Note: A document cannot contain both a digital signature and an e-signature at the same time. Signers can use either e-signature or mobile signature in documents sent to more than one person for signature.

First of all, you can watch your how to use videos, then you can start collecting your signatures quickly by creating a draft contract.

The digital signature authenticates the person with instant verifications without the need for a qualified certificate and a USB device, and seals the document by encrypting it in an asymmetrical way. E-Signature, on the other hand, is used to sign documents via a fixed pin code with a qualified certificate in a USB device. While additional programs are required for e-Signature, all you need for a digital signature is a phone number that you actively use.

Digital signature is not the exact equivalent of wet signature, BUT, it is a strong evidence in the Republic of Turkey. It can be used easily thanks to the one-time password verifications used by the banking system, voice verifications, post-transaction confirmation messages and verification of the signatories' identities.

The timestamp legally proves that the document has a specific content at a specified time. In case of a change on the document, a mismatch occurs between the timestamp file and the document, and it turns out that the document was updated after the signing process.

Our system is protected by the most advanced security measures. All documents are encrypted with their own private keys. These passwords can only be resolved with your username and password. Therefore, anyone you do not share your password with cannot access your documents.