What Is Digital Signature

A digital signature is an electronic verification method that securely associates a document in a recorded transaction with the person who signed that document. Unlike traditional signatures, this authentication-based signature is difficult to forge and contains unique encrypted information specific to the signer. Digital signatures prove that information sent by a user, server, or host belongs to that person. In this way, it is proved with the support of timestamp that the message has not been manipulated on the way from the sender to the receiver, and it provides to prove who the sender and receiver of the data are.


How Does the Digital Signature Process Work?

In order to sign a document with a digital signature, the user needs a smart mobile phone or a standard mobile phone and computer. The process link is sent to the mobile phone and e-mail address of the person who will sign the document. This message also includes a unique hash of the document to be signed. Thus, an organic bond is formed between the signed document and the person. The person concerned first authenticates himself with a one-time mobile password and provides access to the document. After the verification process, the relevant document is displayed and a signature is obtained from the user. After the relevant document is signed, the relevant consent texts are sent as a short message to everyone who signed the document and sent it for signature. All short messages transmitted on the system are stored by the operators and shared with the competent authorities in case of a conflict.




Support Nature by Using Digital Signature

The use of digital signatures is an environmentally friendly method. The digital signature process is more efficient and easier than regular paper signatures. The use of digital signatures, which significantly reduces paper waste, also draws attention to environmental friendliness. In this respect, Mespact digital signature continues to contribute to professional business life, society and the world by building an environmentally friendly and sustainable business model. This platform, which digitizes all kinds of document processes in business life and saves money, also stands out by providing an application that adds value to the environment.

Most Asked Questions

Can I use the digital signature system through our own applications without using your panel?

Yes, you can easily integrate our digital signature implementation with our advanced API package and documentation.

Can we make changes to the document I signed?

No, all signed documents are time-stamped and cannot be modified.

I do not have a membership in the system, but a contract was sent to me. Can I sign the contract without being a member?

No, you do not need to be a member to sign a contract in the system. You can sign documents very easily with the link sent to your mobile phone and e-mail address. If you want to become a member later, you can also access the agreements you signed before becoming a member from the system.

How do I know if the document I signed has changed?

When a change is made to a signed document, the relationship between the timestamp and the document is broken and it can be easily detected that the document has been changed.

I have an e-signature that I provided before. Can I sign documents with e-signature?

Yes, with our E-signature module, you can sign the document with E-Signature. Note: A document cannot contain both a digital signature and an e-signature at the same time. Signers can use either e-signature or mobile signature in documents sent to more than one person for signature.